CALIPRI High Precision Laser Measurement

Forget carrying around numerous unwieldy measuring instruments like wheel flange and caliper gauges. Choose a high-precision, universal measurement device and reduce your procurement, calibration and training costs. Thanks to the innovative CALIPRI High Precision Laser Measurement technique, now all you need is a single measurement device for all wheel-rail system checks.

From wheels and brake discs through to rails and switches – with CALIPRI you can measure profiles in an instant and compare them with your own limit dimensions.

Eliminates Human Error

The CALIPRI High Precision Laser Measurement process is based on laser light section technology. The user guides the sensor by hand over the measurement object. There is no need to hold the sensor at the exact same angle or distance away from the object. During the process, the profile is measured and evaluated from various viewing directions. Once measured, the data is immediately available for analysis and transfer.

Tilts and twists of the sensor are automatically compensated for during the measurement process. Errors that typically arise when using conventional measurement devices caused by incorrect reading or tilted positioning are a thing of the past with CALIPRI.


CALIPRI High Precision Laser Measurement is a modular system and can easily be expanded – even at a later stage. Select the perfect combination for your requirements from a variety of measurement modules:

  • Wheel Profile and Wheel Diameter
  • Wheelshop
  • Tyre Thickness
  • Brake Discs
  • Defects
  • Radial / Axial Runout
  • Wheel Clearance
  • Rail and Grooved Rail
  • Switches
  • Equivalent Conicity

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    Calipri High Precision Laser Measurement
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    Calipri High Precision Laser Measurement
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    Calipri High Precision Laser Measurement
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    Calipri High Precision Laser Measurement
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