Cembre Rail Cutter

CEMBRE‘s ROBOKATTA® enables automatic rail cutting thanks to the innovative oscillation system integrated into the arm.

Once started, the cut-off machine moves autonomously until it switches off automatically at the end of the rail cut.

The electronic control system stops the machine in the event of an overload and notifies the operator to clean/replace the filters and drive belt.

CEMBRE RDS cut-off machines are the only ones that accept both 350 mm and 400 mm abrasive cutting discs thanks to their innovative variable speed drive system.


ROBOKATTA presents a new concept in Rail Disc Saws by combining a powerful and robust Saw with the worlds first Automatic Support Arm which, during the cutting phase, allows the operator to be in control but away from the machine.

The radio-controlled stopping device increases the safety of this cut-off machine.

With this product, CEMBRE confirms its focus on risk reduction to protect rail maintenance workers.

Designed for precise cutting, Robokatta Automatic Rail Disc Saw has a perfectly perpendicular action essential for making consistently accurate right-angle cuts in both axis that are fundamental to the reliability of isolated joints in automatic signaling systems.


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    Cembre Robokatta
    Cembre ROBOKATTA
    Remotely Operated Cembre Robokatta
    ROBOKATTA Remotely Operated

    ROBOKATTA Manual

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