Claretech Heavy Haul

For over 25 years, RS Clare has led the way in the manufacture of heavy haul grease and are the first to design a specialist solution to wear reduction at the wheel-rail interface. Since the application of curved rail grease is a total loss system, RS Clare take their environmental responsibility very seriously, and have developed a range of biodegradable, non-toxic greases.

Claretech Heavy Haul Grease

High Performance environmentally sensitive curved rail grease for heavily loaded track.

For use in trackside lubricators wherever there is a requirement for extreme performance and environmentally friendly products. Specially formulated to protect the wheel/rail interface in the heaviest rail traffic conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • For reduced wear in Extreme load applications,
    E.g. Heavy Freight, Class 1 railroads
  • Oxidisation stable – does not dry or stiffen to block lubricators and GDU ports
  • Highly adhesive, giving excellent carry down
  • Stable across a wide temperature range
  • Excellent water resistance, giving lasting rail protection even in heavy rain
  • Will not migrate to top of rail
  • Excellent corrosion protection
EcoCurve Heavy Haul Grease
Claretech Heavy Haul
EcoCurve Heavy Haul Grease

Claretech EcoCurve
Heavy Haul

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