Point-Setting Force Measurement Device

HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co. KG has added a device for testing force on point-setting systems to its portfolio. The company has been awarded approval for use of the newly developed HZM-IIS-measuring device in the networks of the Deutsche Bahn (DB Netz AG).

The handy, ultra-light and versatile HZM-IIS force-measuring device made by the East Westphalian medium-sized company is compact, easy to operate and has a large memory. The high degree of IP protection and long service life with battery operation make the innovative device a reliable instrument, even when in continuous use. The setting and holding forces of point machines and the setting resistance and holding forces of points can be measured accurately, easily and quickly and electronically documented. A further plus: the tedious task of calibrating measuring pins before each measurement is now a thing of the past. An EEPROM memory stores calibration, manufacture and other data. The intelligent solution prevents incorrect pin calibration by the operator. As the pins can be locked, measurements can be made safely even when trains are crossing points.

The device is equipped with a Windows-compatible diagnostic software with many helpful tools. Points can be registered and archived with information such as location, manufacturer, type, year of construction and year of installation. With the help of the HZM-IIS coupling module, data is exchanged between the HZM and the IIS Integrated Inspection System database system used by the Deutsche Bahn. With the certificate of quality, the HZM can now be used everywhere in the network of the Deutsche Bahn.

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    Hanning-Kahl Force Measurement
    H&K Force Measuring Tool
    Hanning-Kahl Force Measurement
    H&K HZM Package
    Hanning-Kahl Force Measurement
    Measuring Force with the HZM

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