Koppers LAP Joint
LAP Joint

Koppers variety of bonded rail joints have a global, field-proven reputation and are available for all types of freight, transit, high-speed and heavy-haul installation applications, including toe-less versions for use with direct fixation fastening systems.

Benefits of LAP Joints

Long Angle Projection-LAP Design (Patented)

  • Minimum 58 percent more bond strength than conventional bonded insulated joints
  • Longitudinal shear strength of almost 1.5 million pounds
  • Contact path neutral (eliminates rail end batter and subsequent bond line failure)
  • Approaches the stiffness of rail
  • More than three times stiffer than a conventional production bonded joint design
  • Utilizes conventional standard rail (115RE-141RE)
  • Utilizes rail drops for efficiency
  • Best design that addresses rail and batter, wheel contact zone, stiffness, and longitudinal shear strength.

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