Lateral Resistance Plates
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Lateral Resistance Plates
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Lateral Resistance Plates
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Lateral Resistance Plates

The Trackwork Lateral Resistance Plates are fitted to sleepers or bearers to enhance lateral resistance to thermal and traffic forces.

Typical usage when using Continuously Welded Rail (CWR) is on curves below 400 m radius and within shorter switches.

Benefits of Lateral Resistance Plates

  • Network Rail Product approved – PA05/06696
  • Vertical ‘spades’ installed directly into compacted ballast providing increased stability and lateral resistance compared with alternative solutions.
  • Faster installation, with vertical ‘spades’ retrofitted without the need for ballast excavation.
  • They come apart for assembly so individual components able to be handled by one person.
  • Heavy duty construction, eliminating the risk of deformation or buckling.

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