Secheron HSCB UR6
Secheron HSCB UR6-UR15
Secheron HSCB UR26
Secheron HSCB UR26

Used in mass transit including metros and light rail vehicles, as well as on regional, long distance and high-speed trains, Sécheron DC High Speed Circuit Breakers are also installed in freight and passenger locomotives.

Among others, Sécheron’s DC Circuit Breakers are compliant to EN/IEC60077-3 and GOST standards.

Sécheron UR range of DC Circuit Breakers offer natural cooling, trip free, single pole, bi-directional, with electromagnetic blow-out, electric control circuits and direct over-current instantaneous release.

With its simple design and high insulation level, the UR range of DC Circuit Breakers offers a very high reliability as well as an exceptionally long lifetime.

The circuit-breaker of the UR range can be delivered with an insulating housing, for indoor installation or, for outdoor use, in DC MODBOX® or in a polyester protective enclosure.

To guarantee a safe and optimized installation of its circuit-breakers in different environments, Sécheron offers a large range of standard and customized solutions.

Secheron DC HSCB Range Chart

Secheron DC HSCB Range Chart

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