H&K LED Signals

When it comes to representing signal aspects, LED signals provide the superior solution from both a technical and an economic point of view.

HANNING & KAHL offer a wide range of signal aspects available for safety and information purposes. They manufacture customer-specific signals for all order sizes. LED technology holds enormous potential for the future.

LED signals are available in different colours and for multi-functional applications they use innovative combi-signals.

In addition, intelligent matrix signals are also available for representation of almost every desired signal.

HANNING & KAHL LED signal transmitters fulfil safety integrity categories AK 6/ SIL 3 and are compatible with all common housing systems.

The advantage at a glance

  • Bright and high contrast
  • Good visibility from long distances
  • Unmistakable even when exposed to direct sunshine
  • Reliable and long-life
  • Low maintenance
  • Insensitive to temperature and weather
  • Compatible with existing devices / housings
  • Easily installed
  • Environmentally-friendly: modular construction in compliance with DIN ISO 14001

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    Hanning Kahl LED Signals
    H&K LED Signals
    Hanning Kahl LED Matrix Signals
    H&K Intelligent Matrix Signals

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