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TOR H20x HV is a molybdenum based friction modifier that uses water as a carrier. It was developed specifically to address the need for an enhanced water-based top of rail friction modifier for longer carry distances.

TOR H20x HV formulation is non-hazardous per OSHA and designed to adhere to the rail. This characteristic allows less material consumption for same benefit as traditional water-based friction modifiers. The formulation also does not require additional agitation to remain stable across a wide temperature range.


TOR H20x HV is an all-weather friction modifier for top of rails. It is specifically designed for use with Loram’s trackside and switching yard applicators. With controlled application rates, TOR H20x HV reduces lateral curving forces and top of rail friction levels.

The main benefits of using TOR H20x HV are:

  • increased fuel efficiency
  • increased rail life
  • increased safety (reduced derailment forces)
  • reduced track component wear.

TOR H20x HV users also benefit from longer carry down distances (4+ miles) thus requiring fewer trackside units and associated operating costs. TOR H20x HV is field tested to carry down 1+ mile in downhill applications.

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    Loram Top of Rail Friction Modifier
    TOR Friction Modifier
    Loram Top of Rail Lubricator

    Top of Rail
    Friction Modifier

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