Subfloor Lifting Equipment and Jacks

WINDHOFF Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH is well established as a global supplier of systems and equipment for railway depots and commuter train operators, including subfloor lifting equipment and jacks.

Subfloor Lifting Plants

WINDHOFF lifting plants (subfloor) for rail vehicles facilitate the lifting of multiple train consists. The complete lifting plant is placed below the workshop floor, and when lowered, there is an unobstructed working and traffic area. The complete train consist can be raised to the desired working height. WINDHOFF lifting plants can be arranged for train consists of 10 or more rail cars. Safety devices are automatically activated (safety interlocks), and maintenance personnel can safely proceed with their work details under the raised train.

The lifting plant is monitored and controlled via a redundant PLC. It ensures absolutely synchronised motions of all lifting jacks. Within milliseconds the PLC corrects any irregularity . This ensures a safety standard which is unsurpassed by any other system.

When combined with body support, individual or all bogies can be dropped and replaced in an efficient manner. (The body supports may also be installed in subfloor pits or used as mobile units above floor level).

Lifting Plants / Lifting Jacks

WINDHOFF lifting plants feature a sound, rugged design for use in heavy-duty work at railway depots. The lifting systems comply with or exceed all relevant safety standards as well as EN 1493 and the more stringent directives DB specifications.

Design and realisation of any lifting plant reflects a customer’s individual demands and local conditions to best meet all design specifications.

Load ratings for the lifting jacks are from 8 – 60 tons per jack.

Bogie Repair Stands

WINDHOFF bogie repair stands are installed in pits in the workshop floor, and when lowered, there is level and freely accessible area.

Bogies which are dropped in WINDHOFF lifting plants are rolled or shunted onto the bogie repair stands.

For the work details, the bogie can be raised to a comfortable working height.

Optional roller devices in the bogie repair stands permit precision rotations of the wheelsets.

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    Subfloor Lifting Equipment and Jacks
    Windhoff Subfloor Lifting Jacks
    Windhoff Lifting jacks
    Windhoff Lifting Jacks
    Windhoff Bogie Stands
    Windhoff Bogie Stands

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