Switchplate Lubrication

Maintaining smooth switch performance is key to the safe and efficient operation of any rail system. High frequency use, coupled with wear and tear caused by mechanical movement, means that specialist switchplate lubrication is essential.

Naturally, with RS Clare, eco-performance is always front of mind. Unique grease technology means exceptional mechanical performance with no threat to the surrounding sub-soil and water courses. A high percentage of renewable content reduces carbon footprint and enhances sustainability.

Switchplate Lubrication

High performance SLIDE CHAIR lubricant with excellent corrosion protection.

  • Easy to apply in all weather conditions
  • A non-conventional product based on a thixotropic thickener, providing a unique re-lubricating action
  • Long life—provides full protection over extended periods
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Unaffected by switch heaters
  • Excellent resistance to water, ice and corrosion.

Claretech Bioglide Lubrication

Long life lubrication for slide chairs of railway switches.

  • Biodegradable and containing no black solids – clean to use.
  • Highly adhesive and good water resistance, giving long-lasting protection even in heavy rain.
  • Wide operating temperature range, suitable for most climates.
  • Can be quickly applied from a back-pack spray unit, from convenient aerosol cans, or with a brush.
  • EU Ecolabel UK/027/016

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    Bioglide and Switchplate Lubricator
    Switchplate Lubricator
    Bioglide and Switchplate Lubrication

    RS Clare Switchplate Lubricant

    Claretech Bioglide

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    EU Ecolabel UK/027/016

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