TasRail recently installed the new CDP Bharat Forge Retrofit rollers for Full depth Switches.

Switch rollers are advantageous as they reduce the need to lubricate the slide chairs and they reduce the throwing force.

The retrofit switch roller device consists of a carrier and the pre-assembled switch roller. This will be clamped at the stockrail foot in between two sleepers. This enables a simple and fast retrofitting of existing turnouts.

Whilst many switches are now supplied with in bearer rollers, these retrofit options provide an opportunity to benefit from rollers in existing switches that don’t have them. Furthermore, the usual lubrication of all slide chairs is not necessary anymore. By using CDP switch roller systems, significant and sustainable reduction of maintenance and repair costs will be achieved.

There is also a solution for Asymmetric Switches available.

For more information, please contact IMTRAM.

CDP Bharat Forge Retrofit Rollers
CDP Bharat Forge Retrofit Rollers