IMTRAM and NEXTSENSE have recently been training at KiwiRail for 16 new Calipris. Initially, 8 units were delivered to the KiwiRail Christchurch depot. The training was carried out across 4 days and broken up into Administrator and Operator roles.

The kits included the Calipri C42 wireless sensor with Wheel Profile and Tyre Thickness modules.

KiwiRail appreciates the benefits of using the Calipri optical measuring system. They have seen the results of the non-contact laser technology that produces highly accurate, repeatable and user-independent results. This will help to greatly improve their efficiency and accuracy of measurements by replacing error-prone and imprecise inspection devices.

The 16 Calipris will be distributed across their depots throughout New Zealand to measure a range of locomotive and wagon wheels.

The remaining 8 units are currently being shipped to Auckland where KiwiRail will undergo their final training in November. We look forward to hearing how they progress with the Calipris.

For more information, please contact IMTRAM.

KiwiRail Trainers and Operators
KiwiRail Trainers and Operators
KiwiRail Trainers and Operators
Testing the Calipri at Christchurch