The much anticipated, relocated and delayed Ausrail Plus Conference and Exhibition is in Sydney at the International Convention Centre this month. Planning commenced for IMTRAM’s presence at this showcase early in 2021 with the anticipation of an easing of the pandemic.

With the luxury of extra planning time, IMTRAM took the opportunity to re-evaluate the contribution that the business could and should make to events such as Ausrail with discussions that centred not only around the economic benefits and impacts, the chance to build relationships, but also the environmental impacts that creating an engaging presence at the exhibition would have.

With a renewed sense of focus and determination, IMTRAM engaged a project manager who helped the team align the IMTRAM company values with the expected positive outcomes from their attendance at the conference and the winner from the new plan is a clear first to the environment with no compromise to the business and our partners.

In an innovative approach, traditional trade show installations were rejected in favour of a 100% recyclable stand, custom built completely from cardboard. Tobias Horrocks from Fold Theory has created many environmentally sustainable designs worldwide that are strong, functional and importantly recyclable and worked with us to create the perfect backdrop to showcase IMTRAM complete with pantographs, train and jack stands!

IMTRAM has built key, global relationships to establish authorised service centres for our partners including Hanning & Kahl, Secheron, Windhoff, ZTR, NextSENSE and others and would usually consider adding attention-grabbing, large-scale products to their display. With a new determination to live up to their environmental values, these bulky products have been left in the showroom in favour of low transport miles and replaced with interactive displays.

At the end of the conference, the stand will be flat-packed onto a single palette and taken away to be re-purposed, recycled and reused. We’ll be sure to update on the new lives and uses for the materials.

IMTRAM are about Conversations. People. Partnerships. Solutions. Call in to see the team at IMTRAM (stand 119) and we’ll deliver all of those things to you with zero cost to the environment.

For more information, please contact IMTRAM.

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