Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8-SW

The Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8-S is a compact tamper for two-way hydraulic or mobile excavators. It can be moved along on the tracks.

Primary use is at main tracks and sidings, connecting sidings to private tracks and at rail/road crossings. The track guidance system facilitates the job and the excavator operator and it improves the work quality of the tamping unit. Lowering and raising of the pokers into the ballast is effected by means of lifting cylinders. They are positively guided by chrome-plated guide columns and adjustable guide rollers at the frame.

The hydraulic power supply is provided through the carrier vehicle (excavator). Quick connecting fittings ensure the simple and safe connection to the hydraulic system.

Using the mechanical spindle adjustment, the tamping unit AST8 Suw can be set-up for track gauges of 1,435mm and 1,000mm.

In switch sections, a supporting beam is used, and the tracking wheels no longer have any rail contact. The beam rests on the rail face, and as such it also provides a height reference. Lifting and repositioning the tamping unit with a service crane allows for the use of the tamping unit almost along the full length of a switch section. One tamping element can be locked in the raised position. Thus the now smaller effective tamping footprint can be used for ballast tamping in otherwise restricted spaces.

Technical Data

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Track Width: 1,435 mm (+1,000 mm SUW Model)
Length: 2,000 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Height: 2,030 mm
Weight: 2,150 kg
Hydraulics Motor: 75 l/min @ 150 bar
Hydraulics Cylinders: 50 l/min @ 150 bar

  • Substantially improved ballast tamping performance with the tracked undercarriage
  • Better ballast tamping quality
  • Simplified work processes for easier handling and control
  • Simple mechanical set.

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    Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8-SW
    Tamper Attachment AST 8-SW
    Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8-SW
    Tamper Attachment AST 8-SW

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