Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8

The Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8 features two working units with a total of 8 pokers which simultaneously dig into the crib ballast.

For working at switches, one tamping section can be raised hydraulically.

A rotating cylinder permits the alignment of the attachment with the sleeper position. All control functions are effected
by the operator from the cabin of the two-way excavator.

Quick connecting elements at the attachment ensure simple and safe connection to the excavator´s boom and hydraulic system.

Technical Data

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Track Width: 1,435 mm / 1,000 mm
Length: 2,200 mm
Width: 845 mm
Height: 1,400 mm
Weight: 1,320 kg
Hydraulics Motor: 75 l/min @ 150 bar
Hydraulics Cylinders: 50 l/min @ 150 bar
Tamping Performance: ca. 80 – 120 m/h

  • Substantially higher utilisation rate of the two-way excavator through the use of attachment units
  • Uniform tamping quality and higher tamping performance as compared to manual labour
  • Quick and simple exchange of the tamping unit with other attachment.

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    Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8
    Tamper Attachment AST 8
    Windhoff Tamper Attachment AST 8
    Tamper AST 8 Raised Side

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