IMTRAM and the Cavallo family have firmly established themselves as innovators within the rail industry through a commitment to continuous improvement and the demonstration of strength and agility. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation for delivering high-quality, streamlined solutions, drawing upon our extensive experience and partnerships with industry leaders worldwide.

We proactively approach each customer with the knowledge that we have the capabilities to innovate better solutions for our partners in the rail industry. Combined with hard work and dedication means that IMTRAM will provide flexible, tailored solutions to our customers.

Our entire team are approachable – from our Managing Director to the team in the workshop – and are skilled to help with any of your needs – call us.

“That’s the way things have always been done” is never an acceptable answer for you or for the IMTRAM team. 

We are unique, we are flexible and we work with our customers and our partners to keep your networks running on time.


IMTRAM is led by industry veteran Robert Cavallo and managed by General Manager Sonia Whiteman. Sonia has over a decade of experience and is responsible for the growth in the range of IMTRAM products and services.

Rick Buckland is responsible for Sales and Business Development and brings a wealth of knowledge and earned respect from his experience in the field.

Our strong service team is headed by Mark Cavallo, who with over 12 years of experience and specialised training with H&K and Secheron products is perfectly placed to lead change in the servicing space.

The IMTRAM team is underpinned by a solid logistics and administration team who all work in harmony as an informed, inclusive group sharing the Cavallo family values to deliver smart solutions for the rail industry.

ROBERT CAVALLOManaging Director
Robert has 2 degrees; Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Prior to taking over IMTRAM in 2001, Robert carried out design and project management roles in the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries for customers such as ESSO, Shell, Orica (formerly ICI Australia) and Santos.

As Managing Director he steers the Company and is responsible for financial, administrative and corporate matters and sometimes doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty in the workshop.

Sonia started at IMTRAM in 2008 and is responsible for the growth in the range of products IMTRAM supplies.

With a background in accouting at Price Waterhouse and Business Development at Orica and Incitec Pivot Limited, she has helped steer IMTRAM into a more diverse and innovative company.

Sonia clearly doesn’t enjoy getting much rest as her farm, sheep, bee-keeping and lavender distilling ensures the remainder of her free time is fully occupied.

MARK CAVALLOService Manager
Mark has over 12 years’ experience in mechanical trade and heads our service centre. He has specialised training in H&K hydraulic brakes and Secheron contactors and high speed circuit breakers.

He enjoys the challenge of new projects and takes great pride in the work undertaken in our various service areas.

Mark has a bit of a LEGO addiction and also builds websites in his spare time in case you know anyone who needs one.

RICK BUCKLANDBusiness Development
Rick started in 2009 and represents IMTRAM in the field. Based in Sydney, he travels extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate new products and has a long history of working with industrial equipment.

Rick is a great communicator and will bend over backwards to ensure customers remain completely satisfied.

Rick enjoys spending time in the outback and hanging out with the locals.

SARAH GUOAccounts Admin
Sarah joined IMTRAM in 2023 and is responsible for accounts payable and receivable.

Sarah a skilled professional with years of accounting, finance, bookkeeping and customer service experience. She has worked in USA and China and is a welcome addition to the team. She is diligent and efficient with the highest level of integrity and attention to detail.

Sarah is always very busy, has many, many emails to get through, all while ensuring the books are perfectly balanced at the end of each month. Impressive, isn’t it?

BEN LEWISWarehouse
Ben is responsible for keeping the warehouse running smoothly. He handles inwards and outwards goods, logistics and QA. With some experience in Electrotechnology he helps support Calipri products and also assists with the service department.

Ben is the rock star of IMTRAM, as he is easily mistaken for a tall Ed Sheeran.

CAELAN WUTechnician
Caelan joined IMTRAM in late 2023, bringing with him a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. He seamlessly integrates into our team, poised to tackle the intricate Secheron components that IMTRAM specializes in repairing and overhauling. Caelan demonstrates an inexhaustible quest for knowledge, throwing himself enthusiastically into every project, ensuring our commitment to excellence is upheld at every turn.

Just a heads-up, though—Caelan’s high-energy approach might make you wonder if you accidentally grabbed an extra cup of coffee.

SUMMER LIANGTechnical Assistant
Summer came to Australian from Taiwan and has completed a Diploma of Automotive Technology. Summer is a great all-rounder in the workshop, assissting with Quality Assurance and working predominantly on hydraulic brakes and circuit breakers.

Summer brings a wonderful energy and enthusiasm to the team. She likes to keep our kitchen stocked with delicious treats and wonders why are all putting on a few extra kilos.


IMTRAM is proud to be partnered with world leaders in the industry.

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