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Keeping the rail industry on track

For over 25 years IMTRAM has been there to keep the rail industry running. Hard work has established our reputation for high quality, no fuss solutions, leveraging off our vast experience and industry leading partners from across the globe.

Reliability is crucial when it come to keeping the rail industry running. IMTRAM is confident you are in the very best of hands when providing safety critical components such as Secheron High Speed Circuit Breakers and Hanning & Kahl Braking Systems.

Customers can feel confident that our products will remain supported for the life of their expected service, including OEM parts and service capabilities.

Reclaimed Combino Bores
Tested Combino Calipers with Reclaimed Bores.
SSR ZTR KickStart
Installation of ZTR Kickstart on SSR loco.


Below are some case studies that relate to reliability.


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