NETBEE Brake Force Measurement

The innovative NETBEE brake force measuring system revolutionizes brake force measurement through the use of thin-film foil sensors.

The NETBEE system carries out the force measurement on air brakes (brake disc, block brake) and hand brakes. The sensors record measurement data at 24 points simultaneously, without mechanical modifications and transmit them wirelessly to a tablet. This represents an enormous saving in time and personnel. In addition, new, application-relevant knowledge is gained on the efficiency of the brake system, the service life of the brake cylinders and the underlying mechanics.

The system also has an integrated compressed air measurement, making it possible for the operator to determine its overall efficiency for the first time. The optimization of maintenance ensures the highest possible availability of vehicle fleets.

This technology is implemented within a measurement trolley, enabling wireless data transmission and convenient operation via a tablet PC.

Minimal Setup Times

This product enables condition-based maintenance to happen for the braking system components with benefits including the following:

  • Significantly reduced maintenance times: no mechanical modifications, measurement at 24 points simultaneously
  • Only 0.5 mm gap required for placement of the thin film foils
  • Integrated compressed air measurement (overall efficiency)
  • Acquisition of the data directly at the measuring point
  • Wireless transmission of measurement data
  • Tablet controls the entire measurement process: simple and user-friendly handling
  • Data available as live stream, test report, CSV export or in the archive
  • Wireless charging of the sensors in the measurement van

Brake Force Measurement Demo

NETBEE Brake Force Measurement
NETBEE Brake Force Measurement
NETBEE Brake Force Results
NETBEE Brake Force Results
NETBEE Brake Force Trolley
NETBEE Brake Force Trolley

Brake Force Measurement

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