Yarra Trams BCU Commissioning

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IMTRAM assists in Commissioning under COVID Restricitons

In 2020 Yarra Trams was required to upgrade some obsolete components of their Combino BCUs. Some parts were no longer available and IMTRAM provided a solution with partner Hanning & Kahl to upgrade some components in the BCUs as opposed to replacing them completely.

This saved costs as well as materials as only some components were required to be replaced to make the BCUs future proof.

This saved costs as well as materials

H&K provided 2 new BCUs which included new software as a test. These 2 BCUs were required to be commissioned on an operating Combino tram in Preston. Due to COVID restrictions however, H&K could not travel to Australia for the commissioning – but the project could not afford to be delayed.

As a result, IMTRAM worked closely with H&K and with some training IMTRAM was able to undertake the commissioning on behalf of H&K. IMTRAM arranged for H&K to be available remotely if there were any complications.

As a result of the tests, some further software updates were required and uploaded to the BCUs.

After a few visits, static and dynamic tests were successfully performed and the 2 BCUs passed and are now in service.

Yarra Trams feel confident that the upgraded BCU components and new software can now be transferred to their existing BCUs.

Yarra Trams BCU Commissioning

IMTRAM team member monitors the BCU during dynamic testing


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