Dymax Ballast Blaster Undercutter

The patented Dymax Ballast Blaster Undercutter (US Patent 8904676) is the best solution for improving overall ballast and infrastructure. Excavators and backhoe loaders fitted with a Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster remove contaminated ballast rock from beneath the tracks faster and more efficiently. Ballast Blaster Undercutters are job-matched to the machine and deliver the highest performance. They typically achieve 20 to 50 meter per hour (65 to 165 feet per hour) cutting rates, depending on the model and track conditions.

Ballast Cleaner Solutions, Simplified

Dymax Ballast Blaster Undercutters outperform all other methods for ballast removal. Some rail networks prefer it to conventional on-track ballast cleaners, as they are more efficient and easier to get on and off track, especially congested networks with severe time restraints.

Dymax can prove that you will more than double productivity and cut operating costs by more than half! Get the work done within limited track time.

The Ballast Blaster is the safest to operate and easiest to maintain undercutter on the market. It exceeds the productivity and durability of every other brand of undercutter.

Replaceable Carbide Wear Plates

All Dymax Ballast Blasters feature replaceable wear plates that are armored with RokGäard™ carbide protection. The carbide encompasses both sides of the wear plate, delivering twice the protection and offering significant benefits when working in harsh environments. Their carbide process does not chip like competing products, and blaster wear plates can be easily maintained in the field.

World’s First 360° Rotation System

The Dymax Ballast Blaster Undercutter is the world’s first undercutter with full 360° continuous rotation. The added flexibility gives operators the ability to work from either side of the tracks. It also greatly improves management of spoil piles, allowing operators flexibility and maximum cutting speed and performance.

Dymax Rail Ballast Blasters are also available to fit tilt-rotator coupler systems.

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    Dymax Ballast Blaster Undercutter
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