H&K ConnAct®

ConnAct® is a system for remote monitoring and diagnosis of vital infrastructure components. Variances and potential malfunctions on your equipment can be detected in good time; corresponding measures taken and maintenance work minimised. By detecting critical status in good time, you increase the availability of your infrastructure. Signalling installations of major transportation hubs can be continuously monitored by ConnAct®, which consists of a HLUmulti controller and professional connection management. Transmitted process and status data facilitates rapid identification of malfunctions. The HLUmulti Controller

The HLUmulti Controller which is installed in the point controllers and signalling installations performs continuous monitoring. The HLUmulti is a compact controller with network and fieldbus interfaces. The two ETHERNET interfaces and the integrated switch enable wiring in line topology. The mobile phone module can transmit and receive information and, together with the connection management, it provides a safe VPN connection. The controller can also be subsequently installed in existing equipment. Depending on the operating mode, the HLUmulti controller continuously transmits the data of the event recorder, process or status data via the mobile telephone network to the operator, to HANNING & KAHL and/or to Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin.

ConnAct® Service

In this basic function, the data transmitted by HANNING & KAHL’s event recorder is analysed with diagnostic software. Following analysis, contact is made to the operator to provide technical support or enable them to remedy the problem.

HANNING & KAHL  arrange an individual service package taking the customer’s wishes and needs into consideration. This can be a hotline on workdays (8:00 am – 5:00 pm), a 24/7 hotline with on-call service or a guarantee that a member of H&K staff will be on site within 36 hours. HANNING & KAHL can act immediately and remedy the malfunction with technically substantiated assistance.

Hanning & Kahl ConnAct®

H&K ConnAct®

Hanning & Kahl ConnAct® Service
H&K ConnAct® Service

Local Support

As the authorised Australian and New Zealand Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for Hanning & Kahl products.

With over a decade of experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

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