IMTRAM was recently able to participate in a specialized training session hosted by Hanning & Kahl in Parramatta, focusing on the new CAF Urbos trams for Great River City Light Rail. Great River City Light Rail is a joint venture between Transdev and CAF Australia, operating the Parramatta Light Rail for the NSW Government.

The two-day training started with an informative technical presentation, followed by hands-on demonstrations for each service task conducted under and inside the tram. The session was well-structured and intuitive, with an emphasis on welcoming questions and fostering an easy-to-follow learning environment.

Ievgen and Tobias from Hanning & Kahl provided in-depth technical insights, sharing their extensive field experience. Their expertise instilled confidence in the technicians, ensuring they are well-equipped to maintain and operate these critical components efficiently.

As the authorized service center for Hanning & Kahl, IMTRAM seized this valuable opportunity to deepen its knowledge base. This training reinforces Great River City’s confidence in IMTRAM’s continued role as a reliable service and supply resource for these essential components.

Hanning & Kahl CAF Urbos Caliper Training
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Hanning & Kahl CAF Urbos 100 Tram
CAF Urbos 100 Tram