Revitalising UR26 DC Breakers for KiwiRail

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This case study focuses on the restoration and refurbishment of 30-year-old Secheron UR26 High-Speed Circuit Breakers for KiwiRail. IMTRAM is the authorised Australian and New Zealand service center for Secheron; a world-leading supplier of High-Speed AC and DC Circuit Breakers, Contactors, and Switches. This case study outlines the process followed by IMTRAM to breathe new life into the Secheron UR26 Circuit Breakers, prolonging their operational lifespan.

The primary objective of this project was to thoroughly assess, clean, and refurbish the Secheron UR26 High-Speed Circuit Breakers, which had been in service for over three decades. By performing a comprehensive inspection, replacing worn components, and conducting rigorous testing, IMTRAM aimed to restore the breakers to their original operating specifications. This endeavor would enable KiwiRail, to continue using these breakers, thereby extending their service life and avoiding the need for costly replacements.

"IMTRAM aimed to restore the breakers to their original operating specifications"

Once the assessment and component refurbishment was completed, IMTRAM meticulously cleaned all the breakers’ components to remove dirt, dust, and grime. The circuit breakers were reassembled according to the original design specifications, guaranteeing proper alignment and connection of each component.

IMTRAM’s service center is equipped with a comprehensive suite of testing facilities to verify the restored circuit breakers’ functionality. Full OEM test procedures were employed to assess their operational capabilities and adherence to performance standards. Additionally, a Trip Test was conducted, injecting over 3,000 Amps to confirm the Tripping Device’s correct operation.

"A commitment to environmentally friendly practices"

Considering the age and wear of the circuit breakers, the original serial numbers had become faded and difficult to read. IMTRAM effectively addressed this challenge by utilising the Cembre Thermal Transfer printer, enabling clear and legible labels for the IDS settings and serial numbers. This meticulous labeling process ensured accurate identification and traceability of each restored circuit breaker.

IMTRAM’s efforts have revitalised the aging breakers, allowing them to be put back into service and extending the operational life of these units. KiwiRail has benefited from cost savings, and by choosing to rejuvenate and refurbish the aging Breakers instead of opting for replacements, IMTRAM has demonstrated a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Trip Testing the Secheron UR26 Breaker


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