Secheron DC Circuit Breakers

Sécheron possesses decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-voltage DC electrical safety components for rail vehicles, traction power substations, and energy-intensive industries. Our comprehensive range of high-speed DC current-limiting circuit breakers covers power ratings from 1,000 A to 8,000 A and from 750 VDC to 3,600 VDC.

Secheron’s UR series DC circuit breakers can be delivered as standard components or integrated into custom solutions for more efficient integration into your rail vehicles. Sécheron can also provide turnkey solutions, integrating our DC circuit breakers into our smart, compact MODBOX®-type high-voltage enclosures with other high- and low-voltage electrical safety, measurement, and traction chain control components for locomotives, trains, metros and Light Rail Vehicles (LRV).

For DC traction power substations, the UR series is the widest range of DC circuit breakers on the market, protecting the overhead contact lines and third rails that power DC rail vehicles. These breakers can be delivered with Sécheron disconnect switches and contactors.

Sécheron can also provide UR-type DC circuit breakers for energy storage systems, DC drives for steel and paper plants, power plant generator static excitation systems, electric mining haul truck drives, marine vessel cycloconverters, and more.

Main Features

For an extremely wide range of configurations and optional features including:

  • Bi-directional and with trip free direct acting device
  • Rated Voltage 900 Volts, 1800 Volts, 3600 Volts
  • Also available for dual voltage 1800 Volts / 3600 Volts
  • Current range from 1000 A to 4000 A
  • Making & breaking capacity matching operational needs
  • Electromagnetic closing
  • Control voltage from 24 to 110 VDC
  • Auxiliary contacts for main contact position indication
  • Operational frequency C3 – Heavy Duty
  • Constant & limited arc voltage during current interruption
  • Optional protective enclosure (IP55) for direct roof or under-frame installation
  • Ambient temperature – 25 °C to +70 °C (-50 °C to +55 °C in option)
  • Reference standards: IEC 60077-3
  • Insulation material according to EN 45545-2

Secheron DC HSCB Range Chart

Secheron DC HSCB Range Chart
Secheron HSCB UR Breakers

Secheron HSCB

Secheron HSCB UR26

Secheron HSCB

Local Support

As the authorised Australian and New Zealand Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for Secheron products.

With over a decade of experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

Secheron HSCB UR26
IMTRAM – Secheron Service Center

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