Rail Threader Tong

This unique high-performance rail threader tong operates like a conventional rail threader, but has 2 rollers mounted on each jaw of the tong to allow the rail to thread through the tongs.

Available with a squared handle for use with IPS tongs or with a rounded handle for use with a crane hook.

Fits 112-141 lbs./53-68 Kg rail profiles. 3-Ton WLL.

All IPS tongs are designed for long-term field performance and are made from high-strength alloy steel.

Every tong is individually magnetic particle tested, pull test certified, and engraved with a serial number to maximise worker safety.

Technical Data

Part Number: IPS-2310045A
Weight: 62.5kg / 138lbs
Dimensions: 32 x 25.4 x 61cm

  • Magnetic particle tested
  • Load Pull Tested
  • Automatically opens when lowered onto rail head
  • Replacement roller assemblies available (2310045A-01).

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