The AC MODFRAME is an integrated solution developed for AC and AC/DC Electrical Multiple Units (EMU). It integrates most of the high voltage roof components required for the operation and protection of AC rail vehicles on a single outdoor frame. The main components installed are from Sécheron’s range, supplemented by other devices from leading third party suppliers.

All components installed on the MODFRAME are connected together with busbars, cables and braids, offering the car builder a simple and easy interface for high voltage connections between the MODFRAME and the vehicle. Low voltage cables are directly connected to the individual components through easily accessible outdoor type low voltage connectors. The installation of the MODFRAME on the roof does not require any roof cut-out except if the manual operation is selected for the earthing device.

The AC MODFRAME perfectly complements the AC MODBOX range where the same type of high voltage components can be integrated horizontally in a compact aluminium enclosure for installation on high speed trains and rail vehicles with a restricted roof gauge, or vehicles operated in harsh environmental conditions.

Main Features

For an integrated solution developed for AC and AC/DC Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) and trains, the main features include:

  • AC applications 15 kV (16.7 Hz) and/or 25 kV (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
  • DC applications 1.5 kVDC and/or 3 kVDC for AC/DC vehicles
  • Thermal current up to 630 A (AC) and 2,600 A (DC)
  • Main integrated high voltage functions: AC circuit breaker with or without synchronous switching, earthing device, voltage detection, voltage & current measurement, roof disconnector, voltage selector, surge arresters and others
  • Roof installation in open air
  • Height above roof ≤ 545 mm
  • Reference standards: EN 50124-1 /, IEC 62497-1, IEC 61373, IEC 60077-2, IEC 60077-3, IEC 60077-4,EN 50463-2 / IEC 62888-2, EN 50125 / IEC 62498
  • Insulation material according to EN 45545-2



Local Support

As the authorised Australian and New Zealand Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for Secheron products.

With over a decade of experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

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