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Sécheron takes its commitment to protecting people and property very seriously when designing components and solutions to switch and protect high-voltage circuits. They have been serving the railway and other energy-intensive industries for decades, acquiring expert knowledge of customers’ needs to innovate electrical safety solutions valued for their performance, safety, and low maintenance.

Secheron’s electrical safety solutions for railway vehicles include many of the devices required to isolate and earth the high-voltage equipment. They take a simple, step-by-step approach where one safety device is triggered only when the previous device in the traction chain has been locked in the earthed position. This principle is implemented through a cascade of security keys and associated locks.

Pantograph Interlocking Switches

Sécheron’s BSV and SLS keeps railway pneumatic operated pantographs safe for maintenance technicians working on or near high-voltage equipment.

The BSV and SLS can be delivered with other Sécheron safety key interlocking devices and with other Sécheron solutions for the electrical safety of the traction chain on AC and/or DC railway vehicles.

Earthing Switches

Sécheron offers a range of earthing devices for high-voltage circuits in the railway industry.

Their circuit breakers and earthing devices, whether separate components or integrated solutions, are part of Secheron’s proven cascade approach to earthing.

Key Multipliers & Door Locks

Railway car builders, traction propulsion equipment manufacturers, and train operators trust Sécheron key multipliers and door locks for their performance and reliability.

These manual interlocking devices are used by rail vehicle maintenance technicians before they work on high-voltage equipment after all earthing devices have been switched to the “safe” position.

Secheron Safety Pantograph Interlock

Secheron Pantograph Interlocking Switch

Secheron Safety Earthing

Secheron Earthing Switches

Secheron Safety Key Locks

Secheron Key Multipliers & Locks

Local Support

As the authorised Australian and New Zealand Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for Secheron products.

With over a decade of experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

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IMTRAM – Secheron Service Center

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