ZTR KickStart

Locomotive batteries can be expensive to replace and the cost of a failed start can be considerable. ZTR’s KickStart™ has revolutionized locomotive starting power with supercapacitor technology. KickStart™ bolsters locomotive batteries during the engine start, reducing battery strain. That means less energy drain from batteries, longer battery life, less time to recharge batteries, faster cranking speed and outstanding locomotive reliability.

Main Benefits

See how KickStart can benefit your fleet:

  • Extended Locomotive Battery Life
    Batteries are costly to install and replace. KickStart reduces battery drain during starting to improve longevity by up to 50%.
  • Easy Installation and Zero Maintenance
    With its light and compact design, KickStart can be easily installed and requires no regular maintenance.
  • Minimized Battery Voltage Drop
    KickStart augments the power required during engine start, reducing the drop in battery voltage.
  • Reliable Cold Weather Performance
    KickStart supercapacitor technology is not affected by cold weather extremes.
  • Charge Maintenance
    If the battery drains, KickStart will maintain a charge and be ready to assist locomotive starting after extended shut-down intervals.
  • Increased Locomotive Availability
    KickStart ensures that your locomotive performs when it is most critical by significantly enhancing starting reliability in all weather conditions.
  • Reduced Battery Charge Time
    KickStart reduces battery drain which can mean less time to recharge.
  • Diagnostic Interface
    Integrated monitoring, fault notifications and diagnostics eliminate the need to install proprietary software for setup and commissioning operations.

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