CEMBRE NR-25B Battery Impact Wrench

The CEMBRE NR-25B is a lightweight, powerful, emission free,  battery powered  impact wrench which produces an impressive 2700Nm of torque. The wrench can easily screw/unscrew up to 100 AS screws into hardwood timber per set of batteries.

The impact wrench is powered by 2 parallel 36v batteries which are easy to install and are protected by a hard cover. Four batteries (2 sets) are supplied with the impact wrench along with a transport box and a mains dual battery charger. The dual battery charger can recharge two batteries in 90 minutes.

The NR-25B can be used vertically or horizontally and is easy to control with separate buttons for each position. Rotation direction and up to five torque settings can be easily set using simple selector controls and this information, along with warnings and battery power are displayed on an LED screen.

The machine has 2 LED lights to illuminate the immediate work area which automatically turn on when the impact wrench is in use. To save battery power the machine will go into ‘sleep mode’ if not used after 15 minutes.


The main features of the Battery Impact Wrench include:

  • Needs no combustible fuel or mains power: the 2 powerful 36V – 6.2 Ah LiHD batteries promotes safe remote working
  • Zero Emissions: no fumes to pollute underground and tunnel working
  • Very low acoustic impact: allows night work in urban areas
  • Low HAV levels: helps safeguard operators physical health
  • Integrated battery: minimizes size and weight
  • Powerful: up to 2,700Nm over 5 power settings
  • Rapid charging: 90min for full battery charge using dual charger

Battery Impact Wrench Video

Cembre Battery Impact Wrench NR-25B
Cembre Battery Impact Drill NR-25B
Cembre ECODRILL LD-16B Display
Cembre NR-25B Operating


Local Support

As an authorised Australian Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for CEMBRE products.

With specialised training and experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

CEMBRE Service Center
IMTRAM – Secheron Service Center

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