H&K Manual Point Machines

At many locations in the line network – e.g. for trailed or faced points which are seldom set – the manual setting mechanism is the most economical solution.

The optimal cost-benefit ratio of HANNING & KAHL manual setting mechanisms will convince you. The HANNING & KAHL manual point machine for installation in flat-bottom points are extremely flexible.

Installation is possible at the side or in the centre of the tracks. As with all HANNING & KAHL manual setting mechanisms, throw-over and spring-back function are possible at all times without replacing components. Manual setting by hand lever is operated with just one stroke.

Point Machines 40 Series

The 40 Series Point Machine is characterized by compact design and robust technology. The 40 series offers an economical solution for points which are trailed or for faced points which are only seldom reset.

Point Machines 42 Series

The 42 Series Point Machine has driven forward the technological development for trailed points and also for faced points which are seldom re-set. Manual point machines in innovative, reliable design with particularly low installation height.

Point Machines 160 Series

The 160 Series Point Machine is designed for installation in flat-bottom and deep-bed points and offers flexible deployment possibilities. Installation is possible beside or between the tracks. The point can be set manually with just one stroke of a setting lever – without cranking or pumping.

Point Machines 180 Series

The 180 Series Point Machine is designed points which are trailed and also for points which are faced and seldom re-set. The new HANNING & KAHL 180 Series is ideal for robust deployment in flat-bottom points. Manual setting convinces operators with an extremely powerful spring assembly and uncomplicated and simple manual activation – and with point openings up to 160 mm.

Point Machines 500 Series

The 500 Series Point Machine is designed for grooved rail points in throwover and spring-back function which withstands increased precipitation, severe contamination and other extreme environmental influences. Treated with the newest coating processes from the auto-mobile industry, the components are protected against cor-rosion in the housing.

Hanning & Kahl Point Machine 40 Series
Series 40 Point Machine

H&K Point Setting Systems

Hanning & Kahl Point Machine 42 Series
Series 42 Point Machine
Hanning & Kahl Point Machine 160 Series
Series 160 Point Machine
Hanning & Kahl Point Machine 180 Series
Series 180 Point Machine
Hanning & Kahl Point Machine 500 Series
Series 500 Point Machine

Local Support

As the authorised Australian and New Zealand Service Center, IMTRAM is able to provide dedicated local support for Hanning & Kahl products.

With over a decade of experience, IMTRAM is a trusted partner for expert advice, seamless service, and comprehensive overhauls.

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