IMTRAM would like to thank the wonderful team from CEMBRE whose assistance and presence contributed to the success of the demonstration day.

On March 16th, 2023, IMTRAM hosted a number of visitors from across Australia to showcase Cembre’s world class connector system and rail tools.

CEMBRE is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools, railroad products, identification & labeling systems.

They have developed a specialised system for permanent electrical contact for the rail. The aim of the Cembre system is to provide a general and substantial improvement on the most important characteristics of a contact between the rail and the electric cables. After decades of extensive laboratory and field tests, this system has been globally recognized as totally reliable.

The exhibition was split up into main sections:

  • Rail Drill – to make calibrated holes in the web of the rail and railway equipment. This provides the perfect preparation for the connection system.
  • Connection System – for traction return and continuity bonding applications, signal track circuit connection and ground bonding application. The extruder provides the perfect bond between the connector and the rail.
  • Crimping and Cutting – hand held and hydraulic certified crimping and cutting tools. Using the CEMBRE lugs and crimper will guarantee the connection is part of a certified system.
  • Printer – thermal transfer printer for the identification of conductors and electrical components.
  • Impact Drill – up to 2700Nm for the assembly and disassembly of rail tracks.
  • Robokatta – the first automated cutting system allows the operator to stand a safe distance from the saw as it cuts through the rail.

At each station, the attendees were given a presentation on the equipment and were encouraged to participate in the use and handling of the tools.

We are very grateful to all who attended and their positive feedback to the event.

Of course, no occasion is complete without a BBQ lunch, and MD Robert Cavallo provided the skills of a Master Chef.

CEMBRE Demonstration Day
Fresh coffee to start the day
CEMBRE Demonstration Day
CEMBRE Connection System
CEMBRE Demonstration Day
CEMBRE Drill Presentation
CEMBRE Demonstration Day
CEMBRE Drill Demonstration
CEMBRE Impact Drill Demonstration
CEMBRE Demonstration Day
MD BBQ Demonstration