The past 2 years have afforded our people at IMTRAM the space to closely examine the values that define our business and to really explore new ways of approaching our business, both internally and externally.

IMTRAM’s presence at the recent Ausrail Plus 2022 Exhibition in Sydney provided the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the contribution that the business could and should make to events such as Ausrail with discussions that centred not only around the economic benefits and impacts and the chance to build relationships, but also the environmental impacts that creating an engaging presence at the exhibition would have.

With sustainability a core value of IMTRAM, we looked for a solution that would have less impact on the environment and that would inspire conversation with clients and partners and after meeting with the inspirational Tobias at The Cardboard Architect based in Ballarat, Victoria we decided that cardboard was the way to go. Tobias worked with us to create this amazing, precision engineered structure that even included a train!

“We want people to understand that IMTRAM are about customer solutions, not sales funnels and this belief has led us to take a simpler approach to our clients and the market” said Sonia Whiteman, General Manager of IMTRAM. When asked about the idea behind the innovative stand, Ms Whiteman replied, “We wanted to demonstrate that we are not just one of these big companies that talks about values – we actually live them.”

It was an absolute win for IMTRAM, and for the environment this week as the stand created such a buzz and stood out in a sea of bright lights, shiny, hard melamine and synthetic surfaces. At the end of the conference, the whole stand packed down onto one pallet to be shipped home and repurposed.

Timber Tram Display
Timber Tram Display
IMRAM Water Bottles
With sustainability one of our core values, our team kept hydrated throughout the exhibition with these customised metal water bottles