Oil and Gas Lubricants – CHANGE TO CASE STUDY

Oil and Gas Lubricants – CHANGE TO CASE STUDY

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Experts in Oilfield Lubrication

RS Clare are manufacturers of advanced lubricants and sealants for O&G valves and suppliers of choice to major E&P operators in multiple locations worldwide. RS Clare are the only oilfield lubricant manufacturer with a single product approved by the 6 major global valve OEMs. These premium valve lubricants are completely resistant to hydrocarbons so that even in the most aggressive environments, valves are protected and well integrity is maintained. This allows operators to increase re-greasing intervals and reduce the amount of valve repairs, resulting in much lower operational costs and fewer production shut-downs.

RS Clare’s technical approach to solving customers’ problems means that they are considered the experts on lubrication of critical upstream valves across the industry.

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